Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hi and welcome to my blog.

My name is Tom. I am a 28-year-old journalist. I live and work in Berlin. I am originally from the UK but I've spent the past five or so years in Austria (Vienna), Switzerland (Zurich) and Germany (Frankfurt and now Berlin).

I am looking forward to studying again and have spent the last couple of weeks reading some of the texts recommended on the reading list. Another batch is on its way from amazon.co.uk as I write. Their second hand book service is great. As a result of all the books, I had to spend the weekend building a new desk (thank you, IKEA) to sit them all on.

So, now I'm ready: books piled up, laptop configured, blog created.

Look forward to speaking to you all.


Sergio said...

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for setting up your blog. Sounds like you are raring to get started on the actual course itself...and that you're an Ikea man too!

Do you actually speak German? I lived in Frankfurt as well for awhile. I live on Corneliustrasse (10 min walk from the US Consulate). Very nice place, but it got awfully quiet in the town center after 6pm!

Ok, Tom. "Speak" to you later, Sergio

Tom said...

Thanks Sergio,
I also lived in the Westend, just east of the park there. I agree: it was a pretty quiet place, especially in winter. Berlin is far more lively. There is still plenty going on until the early hours and great bars/restaurants in all parts of town. After 6 years in German-speaking countries my German is pretty good, spoken at least. I also studied it at university so I have a bit of headstart. Written German, however, is a different matter!

http://wimw-Bachmann.blogspot.com said...

Hi Tom,

greetings to Berlin. We all might have met earlier because I've lived near Frankfurt and in Berlin as well: in Berlin in the American sector, when it was still devided, and later again, when it had become our new capital. I later moved to Potsdam. Have you been there? Its my favourate German city.

Good luck with your studies,