Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Its early, I know, but my thoughts are turning already to the long essay. I am thinking of doing the following question for the long essay this term.

# What was the impact of the death of Stalin on the development of the Cold War?

It would be interesting to hear from any of you who are considering doing the same. If nothing else, we could perhaps share reading lists?


Dan Ford said...

Well, my own feeling is that Stalin single-handedly created the Cold War. (Ivan Tutor complained that my Short Essay seemed to be answering a question about Stalin rather than one about the inevitability of the Cold War. Right on! That's what made the sucker inevitable!) I suppose the logical extension of that notion would be that the Cold War ought to have ended with Stalin's death. However, I suppose it was so ingrained by that time that nothing could unwind it.

Tom said...

Great -- I agree. I just need to pad it out by another 2,800 words or so and it's done! ;-)