Monday, October 16, 2006

On catching up!

Wow. A combination of work and family commitments in the UK kept my away from the online environment for the last week. It was a very enjoyable time I might add and I return with even more vigour than before. However, I see now that logging on regularly and following the discussion is an essential addition to reading in isolation. I am also finding that while I can plough through the texts and formulate ideas, the knack is distilling them. I am heartened to see that everyone's responses this time are more succinct than previously which makes this process of catching up that bit easier. Right, I will get stuck in.

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Sergio said...

Hi Tom,

Welcome back! Im glad that you're getting to grips with the discussions; that is exactly the place where you can "distil" (I like that word!) your ideas. I sent you an email replying to your query.